How to boost your motivation in minutes

If you’re prone to procrastination, you’re certainly not alone. When there’s so much to do, it’s all too easy to postpone action because you can’t quite bring yourself to get started. Most things feel like overwhelming hurdles, until you take the first step towards completion. It’s this first step that gets the ball rolling, so […]

7 ways to get your money working harder during COVID-19

If you’re fortunate enough not to have been affected financially by coronavirus, you might find you’re spending less and saving more The COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak has seen Australians rise to the challenge of a new way of life involving a lot less time spent outdoors and a lot more time spent at home. We’ve seen […]

Three ways to help futureproof your career in 2020

Stay on track with your professional development and help futureproof your career goals by upskilling. The latest figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics tell us that 2.7million Australians either lost their job or are grappling with reduced hours1  as a result of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Although retail and hospitality segments were hit hardest, few […]

Have you got a personal financial register?

Have you written a personal financial register, listing your super and non-super investments, your other assets, your income and any debts? This fundamental task for managing your personal finances, investing and saving for retirement would often be left on a must-do-tomorrow list – and perhaps never done. Behavioural economists typically rank investor inertia and procrastination […]

Why it’s important to think about insurance ahead of retirement

Finding the right level of insurance cover is important when you’re thinking about retirement. If retirement’s coming up on your horizon, the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) may have thrown a warehouse-sized rack of spanners in your planning. It makes sense to concentrate on things you can control, such as insurance. Too-high premiums can chew away […]