Why improving financial literacy could open the door to advice

CoreData’s research over the past two decades has consistently found that at any point in time, only around one in four Australians are receiving financial advice. This is a relatively low proportion considering we have also consistently found that the value of financial advice is clear, both at a tangible and intangible level. Those who […]

Pandemic spurs a rise in investment scams

In the current low interest rate environment, an investment product offering low-risk, high returns may sound very tempting. That’s especially when the offeror implies it has the personal backing of the chairman of Australia’s corporate regulator, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), by using his name and photos. Unfortunately, though, it’s just one example […]

Buying property with other people: Mine, yours or ours?

When people buy property together, particularly if it’s with a partner or spouse, they often register the title in both people’s names – especially if they’re going to live in the property. But other arrangements are possible, several friends might opt to own individual shares in a property, for example, or a couple might choose […]

Consumers hold the key – but which door will they open?

Consumer sentiment and behaviour will play a critical role in any economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Federal and State government policy settings must walk a fine line between managing the incidence of new infections and avoiding irreparable damage to the economy.  However, with persistent uncertainty and a long road ahead, the consumer sentiment and […]

Ways to outsmart your cognitive biases

As markets continue to be wax and wane due to ongoing coronavirus fears and subdued employment and economic recovery numbers, it seems timely to remind ourselves of the types of behavioural and emotional biases that could lead to potentially risky investment behaviour, and how you can avoid them. As human beings we are not well […]