Putting recent returns into perspective

While 2021-2022 may not have been a stellar year for the majority of investors, it's worth remembering that the worst performing asset class one year can be the best the next, and vice versa. That's why successful investing benefits from having a good balance. The last financial year, particularly the first half of 2022, saw […]

Why asset allocation is key to investment success

Asset allocation is the biggest determinant of investment returns. Here's why taking the time to get it right matters. Choosing investments on a whim based on current market conditions is unlikely to be a winning strategy in the long-run. What should come first, and what is perhaps fundamentally more important than picking the right investments, […]

Planning a career break? Here are tips to help keep your super on track

Whether you’re doing it because you want to travel, study or start a family, taking a career break can really affect your financial future. Thankfully, there are ways to help keep your superannuation in shape.   Whatever your stage of life, there are several reasons for planning a career break.  In some instances, leaving the workforce […]

How to invest responsibly and ethically

If you’d like your money to make a difference to the world as well as your future, responsible investing may be for you. Almost 9 in 10 (89%) Australians feel it’s important their financial institution invests responsibly and ethically across the board1. Ethical, social and governance (ESG) investments accounted for $1,281 billion—or 40%—of assets under […]