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Risks remain for global markets in an otherwise positive outlook

Recent falls in global share markets have triggered talk in some quarters of a potential market crash, but investors should maintain some perspective, given the historical propensity for market corrections and seasonal weakness through the month of September. The apprehension felt by many in the lead-up to this correction is understandable, given the juxtaposition of […]

Planning for retirement

Worrying about superannuation balances is something most of us do from time to time, but as we approach retirement it can become a regular pastime. Unfortunately, in the current economic climate, many of us are heading into retirement with less than we expected. This can sometimes be because market volatility has temporarily reduced our balance. […]

How to find the right investments to help reach your goals

To invest well, you need to find investments that fit your financial goals, investing time frame and risk tolerance. Get an overview of the different types of investments so you can find the right ones to reach your financial goals. Types of investments and returns Investments can be classified as defensive or growth investments. Defensive […]

A beginner’s investment guide to long-term wealth

It’s often said that starting out early on one’s investing journey will deliver good long-term results. But in light of recent volatility on investment markets, you may be thinking, is this the right time to start off? Taking your first step is often daunting, but the reality is that investment markets have shown consistent growth […]

Your super fund, your choice

Choice is inherently regarded as a good thing, particularly in these COVID-affected times when some of our basic choices have had to be suspended for the greater community good. So last week’s passage through parliament of a Bill expanding the amount of choice in the superannuation system ought to be reason for a small celebration. […]

Three considerations for the post-coronavirus property market

COVID-19 has impacted many of the big, fundamental drivers of property markets in Australia. There is potential for this to have a lasting impact, which could be good news for the chronic affordability issues in the residential market. A history of housing affordability in Australia For years Australia has suffered from poor housing affordability. According […]

How to budget for your social life in retirement

Have you considered what’s on the agenda, such as how often you see yourself eating out and whether you want to travel domestically or afar? If you’re in or approaching retirement, you may be prioritising things such as living costs, utility bills, health care and even potentially helping the kids out with their future financial […]

4 reasons the share market could hold up against COVID-1

There are very good reasons for the faith that investors are placing in equities markets. News around the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been promising. New cases have shown early signs of stabilising, but it’s too soon to say we’ll see a dip in new cases. The world’s largest economy also remains under siege as the virus […]