Monthly Archives: February 2020

The seedless watermelon generation – 7 tips to deal with fussy eaters

Gone are the days of childhood watermelon seed spitting competitions, a customary afterschool summer tradition of times gone by. Our kids today won’t get to share these childhood memories, and in fact, most won’t even know that watermelons have seeds, let alone how to spit them. Meet the new ‘seedless watermelon generation’. A generation of […]

Mortgage versus super – a common dilemma

Conventional wisdom used to dictate Australians were better paying off their home loans and once debt free turning their attention to building up their super. But with interest rates at record lows and many super funds potentially offering a higher rate of return, what’s the right strategy in the current market? AMP’s Technical Strategy Manager […]

Money challenges women face

Knowledge is power. Financial knowledge is particularly powerful when it comes to securing your future. Women and men alike can benefit from acquiring financial knowledge and skills. But when it comes to money, women face unique challenges. The last few years have seen the spotlight shining brightly on women’s issues globally with calls for political […]

Five business podcasts for a more productive commute

Get more out of each morning by listening to these brilliant business podcasts on your ride to work. It’s hardly a secret that podcasts are the new radio. The audio format is growing, with ABC’s 2019 Podcast Survey finding 30 percent of Australians listen to a podcast monthly. That’s a number that only looks set to increase […]

Manage your digital afterlife

Have you ever thought about the fact that your ‘digital estate’ may incorporate just as many items as your material belongings? Everything from music, photos, accounts, social media profiles and attempted memoirs rest on the cloud. That’s a lot of personal stuff to manage upon one’s death, much like a house full of cherished possessions.  […]