Monthly Archives: January 2020

Time to consider green investing?

How to build environmental and social considerations into your investments. In the wake of recent ferocious bushfires, the climate change debate has climbed the news agenda, with many Australians now considering what they can do to help. If you’d like your money to make a difference to the environment as well as your future, now […]

The Best Value Destinations and Travel Experiences for 2020

Ready to jet off to exotic locales this year? Lonely Planet has released their ‘Best in Travel 2020’ destinations, to fire up your inspiration. These top spots offer the best value, in terms of getting off the beaten path, soaking up exciting experiences and keeping your budget happy too.  East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia Are you […]

7 crucial questions you must answer before buying a caravan

These handy hints can help you hit the road with absolute faith in your home on wheels. Whether you’re buying a TV, a house, or a caravan, there are always questions you need to ask and answer before you purchase. If these questions go unanswered, it can lead to problems, regrets, and inconveniences. Worse yet, […]

Retire on your own terms and not the market’s

One of the biggest retirement challenges is ensuring that the savings accumulated during your working years lasts as long as you do. If you had invested $10,000 in Australian shares on 31 October 2009 without any further contributions or withdrawals, you would have experienced an average of 8.3% annualised rate of return and ended up […]

Holistic support for small business

My Business Health, a free web portal designed to provide holistic support to small business owners, is now live. Many small and family business owners may not be aware that their everyday worries – be it cash flow, staff related concerns or paying suppliers – can actually cause high levels of psychological distress. Accessed via […]

10 Ways to save money in the kitchen and Save the Planet

Looking to reduce your impact on the environment and save money? Making your kitchen more eco-friendly helps both the planet and your bank account! Use the tips below to save money in the kitchen and help save the planet.    1. Plan Meals in Advance A little planning goes a long way! Set aside time […]

Saving for education

Education is the gift that parents can give their children that keeps on giving. But if you are considering private schools it is a gift that comes with a significant – and usually rising – bill attached. Cue visions of stately buildings, sweeping playing fields, uniformed students—and steadily rising school fees. One in three Australian […]