Monthly Archives: October 2019

14 jaw-dropping Australian natural attractions

Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have in our own backyard. This is despite the plethora of astounding natural attractions that are sprinkled all over the country. Some of these fascinating wonders wouldn’t be out of place on another planet. Others are so ridiculously beautiful, you could stare at them all day. It’s time to […]

World’s Best Beaches 2019: The Votes Are In

How would you like to laze on one of the world’s best beaches for your next getaway? Voters in this year’s TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards ranked Australia’s Manly and Surfers Paradise beaches among the top 25. However, it’s these five dazzling stretches of sand that won the most sun-loving hearts. 5. Grace Bay Beach, Turks […]

Succession planning: A competitive advantage strategy

Sidestep the negative effects of change with thorough succession planning and you’ll put your business ahead of the curve. Not only does this improve your company’s value, but it also provides something every good business manger strives for: your employees’ peace of mind. You know this is true – succession planning is the cornerstone of […]

How to stop freaking out about speaking in public

The first rule of being a good public speaker is understanding it doesn’t come naturally, says public speaking coach Andrew Griffiths. Here’s how to overcome that. According to this study people prefer the idea of death to speaking in front of a crowd of strangers. Gulp. Seems a bit drastic, doesn’t it? But as entrepreneur, author and […]

Myth busting: the cost of setting up renewable energy in a home

Market research indicates the average Australian home has 17 connected devices; ‘smart’ devices in the internet of things that offer everything from efficiency to safety, convenience and entertainment.1  Renewable energy devices – behind the meter, on the roof and in your pocket – are the next frontier, offering real savings and the potential to power […]

Three key ingredients to improve your odds of outperformance

Is there a special recipe equity investors can follow to outperform the returns from the broader market? Based on the latest performance scorecard of Australian active investment managers released in September by S&P Dow Jones Indices, if that recipe does exist, most professional portfolio managers don’t have it. The SPIVA Australia Scorecard covering the year […]

How to not grow your lifestyle business

Growth isn’t always good A lot of small business advice assumes that you intend to grow. You may be advised to hire more staff, open more stores and do more marketing to win customers. But what if you’re happy with your current business size? Perhaps you: launched your business for lifestyle reasons and don’t want […]