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Budget Travel: Holidays that won’t break the bank

There’s nothing quite like jetting off for a holiday, but wouldn’t it be great to do so without stretching the budget too far? With great-value accommodation, cheap cuisine and spectacular attractions galore, these top spots are easy on the wallet without compromising on incredible experiences.  Hoi An, Vietnam The calm waters of the South China […]

How to Increase Motivation in Minutes

If you’re prone to procrastination, you’re certainly not alone. When there’s so much to do, it’s all too easy to postpone action because you can’t quite bring yourself to get started. Most things feel like overwhelming hurdles, until you take the first step towards completion. It’s this first step that gets the ball rolling, so […]

5 hidden costs of running a business (even from your own home)

For the first-time business owner, your ability to control costs is a critical success factor. But have you factored in these often-overlooked costs of running a business? What could be more cost-effective than starting your own small business from home? No mandatory commute means money saved. No managers or investors to keep most of the […]

Why do companies outsource? 6 key benefits for business owners

Love it or hate it, outsourcing work to a third party presents obvious benefits for businesses. So if you’re wondering why companies outsource a specific element of their activity, the following article paints the picture. Often a business owner may think they can do it all, especially founders of small businesses and taking such a […]

Rumble or roar: the future for global equity markets

In this article, we look at three possible scenarios that could unfold in global equity markets over the next five years – are the roaring 20’s upon us, or is there reason to tread more carefully as we head into the next decade? Key points: There are three main possible outcomes in markets over the next […]

Lessons from the 2019 Index Chart

Information overload is a modern day problem. Between smartphones, websites and watches that alert you even when you have ignored the phone, it is hard, if not impossible, to tune out the noise of the world. Trade wars, Brexit, currency slumps, geopolitical tensions are just the headlines that can dominate the news cycle on any […]

5 sustainable holiday destinations to add to your travel list

From wildlife-filled jungles to some of the world’s most spectacular beaches, sustainable travel is on the rise across the globe. While there’s nothing like swaying in a hammock with a cocktail or two, it’s even better when you know your holiday dollars help to support communities and environmentally-friendly practices, while protecting cultural and natural heritage. […]

Spending money in a cashless world

How the move to electronic payments could be making it easier to spend…and what to do about it. It’s Thursday morning and almost the end of the working week. You’re walking to the train station and you realise you’ve forgotten to top up your public transport card. No matter…a few clicks later and you’ve transferred […]