Monthly Archives: March 2019

How our subconscious affects our attitude towards money

Why you might be finding it difficult to save and what to do about it Whether it’s uploading mindfulness apps, calling out unconscious bias at work or watching Todd Sampson redesigning his brain on the ABC, we’ve never been more interested in how we tick. And that’s especially the case when it comes to money—how […]

5 steps to manage your business while travelling long term

By Flying Solo contributor Karen Valadares All praise to the internet for making it easier to work on the go! It still amazes me that carrying around a laptop and a phone allows us to manage our businesses while travelling long term. But adopting this dreamy lifestyle needs a bit of planning to make it work. […]

What kind of money parent are you?

Many parents approach the topic of money differently, but could your way of doing things influence your kids’ success? The majority of Aussie mums and dads recognise that they’re accountable when it comes to shaping their children’s perspective around money matters. A recent report published by the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA), revealed parents […]

The financial and lifestyle upsides to saying sayonara to your adult kids

While nearly half are sad to see their children move out, nine in 10 say they’re travelling more, with some even making cash from the extra space at home. It’s usually inevitable your kids are going to grow up and one day move out of home. And, while research shows that women are generally more […]

Welcome to your 100 day plan for getting more done

By Flying Solo contributor Andrew Griffiths One of the most common challenges facing many of us in business is getting stuff done. It feels like there are more tasks continually being added to our day, resulting in working more hours. And when it comes to those bigger projects that are really important to us, the time […]

Paying for health care in retirement

In retirement, an Australian couple needs from $4,700 to $9,400 a year to pay for health care , according to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, and the average cost of private health insurance rose 4.8 per cent in 2017, far outpacing inflation. This high and ever-increasing cost of health care, combined with longer life spans, […]

The rewards of dividends

When share market volatility rises, more investors would make the mistake of concentrating too much on short-term movements in share prices. Yet investors should never overlook that share-market returns are from both capital growth and dividends. Historically, dividends have made up a large proportion of the total returns from Australian shares. Post-GFC dividend rewards An illustration of […]

Meet the realistic investor

Investors should be realistic. This means being realistic in setting their long-term goals, being realistic in their expectations for investment returns and being realistic in their spending habits. Critically, the reasons for being realistic with your goals, return expectations and spending are indelibly linked. Being unrealistic in any of three may throw the others off […]

How good financial advice can lead to good investor behaviour

Whenever market volatility rises, the benefits of treating a good financial adviser as an investor’s behavioural coach are truly highlighted. Higher share-market volatility – whether prices are rising or falling – can tempt an investor to make emotionally-driven investment decisions that are often damaging to their portfolios. Fortunately, a good financial adviser acting as an […]