Monthly Archives: February 2019

Employer not paying your super? How to find out & what you can do

Billions of dollars in super contributions go unpaid every year, so if you’ve never checked your super account before, now might be a good time. Recently a girlfriend posted on social media that she was owed over $10,000 in super from a former boss, who had since shut up shop (money she may never see […]

What financial records you need to keep and how to organise them

A quick guide to organising your financial paperwork With Marie Kondo’s books and TV shows riding high in the charts, it feels as though everyone’s talking about the joys of decluttering and tidying up. But when you’re drowning in a sea of old bank statements, utility bills and receipts, it can be difficult to know […]

Are you taking cash out of your kids’ savings account?

Aussie parents admit to withdrawing a total of $1.3 billion from accounts that have been set up for their children. While more than 50% of Aussie parents have set up savings accounts to help their kids get ahead financially, four in 10 admit to taking money out of these accounts (a total of $1.3 billion […]

7 tips to improve your financial health

With financial stress impacting one in five Aussie workers, see what steps you could take to improve your financial wellbeing. Some days you might feel confident you can meet your needs within the boundaries of your current income, whereas other days you may feel like you don’t have nearly enough funds in order to do […]